A christmas update

A lot of things have been going on for “Team Lapinkaunis” in the past few months and I will try to summarize:
Lapinkaunis Porthos ended his puppy-show-career with 2x BOB puppy at the Danish Winner show back in November – unfortunately he was hit by a car the day after, and has been recovering from multiple fractures (thigh bone, pelvis, jaw and a teeth).. Luckily his recovery is going great and we hope he will be fit for fight in the near future
Lapinkaunis Milady de Winter, our co-owned girl in Norway has had her debut in the show-ring too! 1xBOS puppy, and at her first show as a junior she won the junior class with CQ and BB4, gaining her first title as Norwegian Junior Winner 2017(NJV17)! We are very excited for her future, and Jonna is doing a great job with her
Lapinkaunis Aramis has had his debut as a junior too, winning BOB Junior, Junior Amsterdam Winner 17, res. CAC and res. Best male at the Amsterdam Winner, and CAC and BOS the weekend after at the christmasshow in Gorinchem
Lapinkaunis Lola Montez has been strutting her stuff in the junior class, gaining Excellent gradings from tough judges and specialists! We see so much of her grandmother in her, and she is very dear to our heart
We are so proud of these young dogs and their owners!
Lapinkaunis Gimme All Your Lovin’ dropped her coat when we returned from our trip to the Netherlands in October, but managed to win a German VDH CAC and res. Best Bitch with res. CACIB in Kassel  She ended up as most winning bitch in the Spitz Specialty Club, adding a new title to her name as Club Winner 2017(KLBV17) She was also the most winning Finnish Lapphund junior, alongside her nephew Tuuli..
Lapinkaunis Mera was BOS with VDHCAC and DCNHCAC in Kassel she was also 2nd best brace of the year in the Spitz Specialty Club, together with Ainu! She gained her Rally-Advanced title on her first three competitions in the advanced classes, with placement in top 5 all three times! Her brother Lapinkaunis Joker is out and about in the advanced classes too, and I’m sure him and Louise will be at even more competitions in 2018!
Dreamlapin’s Ainu ended his year with 2xBOB in Kassel, VDH-Champion and shortlisted for the group on Saturday I had the pleasure to lend him out to dear Emma for Juniorhandling for the first time and they won BIS Juniorhandler at the Danish Spitz Specialty Christmas Show!! He ended the year on top – 4th Most Winning all breeds Specialty Club, “Golden Dog”! Most Winning Finnish Lapphund 2017, Most Winning Finnish Lapphund Male 2017(KLBV17), Breed Winner 2017(DKKV17) I am amazed by what this dog can achieve, and I am excited to try some new things out with him in the new year! Some more Rally-O, Obedience and maybe some Nosework are in my thoughts for 2018!

So all in all it’s been a busy few months, but we wouldn’t miss it for the world!
If you’ve made it to the end – I am grateful! I know it’s a wall of text, but it’s just hard to cook everything down when we’re so proud of our puppy-buyers and everything they do with their dogs – no matter if they go to shows or just go for a walk the woods – we are happy as long as “our” puppies are happy!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you, from all of us at Kennel Lapinkaunis